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Ear, Nose & Throat

Treating the full spectrum of ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders, Spokane ENT and Surgery Center provides compassionate state-of-the-art patient care.   

Our Service Centers

Advanced Otologic Medicine & Surgery - Spokane ENT and Surgery Center treats patients with disorders of the ear and conditions that affect hearing, balance and facial nerve function.

Allergy Services - Spokane ENT and Surgery Center provides complete diagnostic and treatment services for individuals with allergies.

Audiology - Complete diagnostic services are available for adults, children and infants. 

Cochlear Implants - Spokane ENT physicians are the only specialists in this region to perform cochlear implantation for children and adults.

CT Services - On-site computerized tomography available.

Facial Plastic Surgery - Our facial plastic surgeon performs plastic and reconstructive surgery for a variety of problems, including nasal obstruction, facial trauma, defects left after removing skin and other facial cancers, facial paralysis and spasm, congenital malformations. A full range of facial cosmetic services are available.

Head and Neck Surgery - We perform minimally invasive surgery to remove cancers of the head and neck with as little disturbance to everyday function as possible.

Hearing Aids - Spokane Ear Nose and Throat and Surgery Center includes the Columbia Hearing Centers which provide a full range of hearing aids and products.

Sinus and Nasal Disorders - We provide comprehensive diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of sinus and nasal disorders.

Sleep Apnea - Our services include repairing the collapse of soft tissue that leads to snoring and sleep apnea.

Balloon Sinuplasty - Minimally invasive this new state of the art process opens the sinuses.  Patients have a quick recovery and are back to work the next day.