Columbia Hearing

Studies prove it; more people are suffering from hearing loss than ever before, more hearing loss is seen in younger people than ever before, and still only 1 in five people who actually have experienced hearing loss have sought and received treatment.

Because it is gradual and painless, hearing loss is easy to deny. In fact, help for hearing loss is often initially sought by friends and family of the patient rather than patients themselves.

Technology and miniaturization has made a big impact on hearing aids in the past several years. Hearing aids are less obtrusive, and more effective than dreamed possible just a short time ago.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with hearing loss, we can help. Spokane ENT and Surgery Center has established the Columbia Hearing Centers, with trained professionals to evaluate your hearing loss and help you determine the best solution for your lifestyle.

For more information please visit the Columbia Hearing Centers website.